Training Philosophy

Training Philosophy

I don’t subscribe to the “Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced” training philosophy.  The reason why is a mindset issue.  The Skills that I teach a person just starting out (Level 1 course) are the exact same Skills as used by someone who is more experienced (Level 3).  The Mindset needs are the exact same Mindset issues for all skill/experience levels – we just use different means/methods of teaching Mindset in the Level 2 courses as we do in the Level 1 class.  Same goes with the Level 2 vs Level 3 classes.

So my classes for new people are Level 1 classes.  Just like when you were very young, you walked (level 2) after you crawled (level 1), so the Level 2 course is what you would take after the Level 1 course.  Level 3 if for those that have been through Level 1 and 2.


Class tempo pretty much follows the Crawl/Walk/Run philosophy too.  We go slower in the Level 1 course (Crawling) to ensure that EVERYONE gets a firm foundation in the fundamentals.  We go somewhat faster in the Walking course, and the Running course is indeed high tempo.

One other mindset issue that comes into play while in any and all of our courses is this: you will never (at least I hope!) hear us call any firearm, or any tool, a “weapon” – because they aren’t.  They are tools. Nothing more, nothing less.   Your brain is the weapon.  With your brain you can turn any tool into something that can be used to protect those whom evil wishes to destroy.  YOU are the weapon, what you have in your hand is a tool.