Pepper Spray


There is a sizeable portion of society that hasn’t made the *decision* and we have created a class for that group. Pepper Spray may good a choice that those individuals.

My wife hasn’t arrived at a point in her life where she can say that she has or could make the “decision”, so many years ago I armed her with a portion of the Triad and some Fox Labs pepper spray.  Same with my daughters before they turned 21 years old.

For the most part my “How not to be prey in a world full of predators” class is almost exclusively females, but males have attended the class too.


Bottom line is this:  What are you, or your wife, daughter, girlfriend, mother, aunt, sister, uncle, son, brother, husband that doesn’t carry a concealed handgun going to do when confronted by evil in a parking lot? Or a sidewalk?  Or while walking on a trail?   Or walking to or from the bus?  Odds are, they will become a victim to a person that commits evil acts.  He or she will be “prey” to human predators.

I was beat up by a gang in Chicago when I was in the 4th grade.  I made it a goal in life to never be a victim again, and to help as many people as I could to avoid being a victim.  With that in mind, those that attend my “Personal Safety” class will learn the following:

Skills – how to effectively use pepper spray.  Everyone in class will be able to shoot an inert pepper spray canister at a humanoid target.  (Hint – you don’t use pepper spray like you do hairspray.)

Mindset – they will learn Situational Awareness, they will learn how not to be prey in a world of predators.  We will discuss how to be situationally aware, and what to watch out for in ourselves, and what to watch out for regarding predators.  What you should never do, and what you should always do.

Tactics – how to effectively use pepper spray against another human being, where to target the spray, what to do against multiple attackers and more.  There is a mantra you will learn in class to help you remember the exact steps to take.


There will be role-playing in this class to help cement these ideas and principles into the brain.

It is a fact that pepper spray is not as effective as a handgun.  However, some either won’t carry a gun, or can’t yet carry a gun.  Pepper spray is the best alternative.

The class is approximately 3 hours, and costs $40 per person.

As part of the tuition each participant will receive thier own Fox Labs pepper spray canister that can be attached to a key ring!