Home Defense Shotgun 1

Home Defense Shotgun 1

Safety – Administration Brief – Home Defense Shotgun 1

Shotgun Ammunition Considerations

  • 12 Gauge – #1 or #4 Buck – standard loads (not “Tactical Loads”)
  • 20 Gauge – #3 Buck (standard loads)

Discussion on Patterning

Configuration and Modifications of Shotguns

How to Hold the Shotgun

Close Quarters Fighting with the Shotgun (hand to hand)

How to Operate the Pump and the Semi-auto Shotgun

How to Load/Unload the Pump and Semi-auto

How to Clear Malfunctions with the Pump and Semi-auto

Live Fire Patterning 

Shooting Drills

Tactical Exercises

Q & A


  • Shotgun (12 or 20 gauge – pump or semi)
  • 200 rounds of birdshot ammo (the cheapest stuff that will work in your shotgun)
  • Home Defense Rounds (20) – this is 00 Buck or whatever you will load in your shotgun for Home Defense (we recommend #1 or #4 Buck for 12 gauge and #3 Buck for 20 Gauge)
  • A shoulder bag or something to hold loose shotgun shells
  • Eye/Ear Protection
  • Flashlight (handheld)
  • Flashlight (shotgun mounted if you have one – this is NOT mandatory)
  • Water/Lunch/Snacks