Handgun 3


There are three levels of handgun training that we 0ffer; 1, 2 and 3.  The main difference between the levels is tempo.  In the Handgun 1 class we go the slow to ensure everyone is SAFE, and everyone is learning the subject matter.  In the Handgun 2 course we speed up the tempo somewhat, and the Handgun 3 class is high tempo. Rimfire (.22 lr) firearms are OK to bring if you want instead of shooting a more expensive caliber.

Handgun 3 COURSE – class is approximately 8~ 10 hours long – tuition = $175.00

Prerequisite – HG1 and HG2 Course (or another course if approved by UGT)

Class Size – 6 ~ 12 students 

Safety Brief – Administrative Brief


  • Malfunction Clearance drills with non-dominant hand
  • Cone Drills – two handed and single handed with each hand
  • Induced malfunctions throughout the day
  • Odd shooting positions
  • Shooting using various types/makes/models of handguns
  • Lots of movement, lots of cover, lots of training!


  • Post Shooting Psychology (what will happen to you on the inside)
  • Working angles
  • More OODA Loops
  • Staying calm in high stress situations


  • Airsoft Handgun/Mask/Pellets are provided
  • Store gunfights
  • Restaurant gunfights
  • Parking Garage gunfights
  • ATM gunfights


  • Your handgun plus a couple of magazines (3 minimum double stacks – more if single stack), and a magazine carrier/s
  • Ammo – 400 rounds
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection/Ear protection (electronic preferred)
  • Water/Lunch/Snacks
  • Handheld Flashlight
  • Handgun mounted flashlight (if you have one)
  • Electronic Hearing Protection  (I use these. The are thin so they won’t interfere with rifle shooting, they work well and they are not terribly expensive.)