Carbine 3

Carbine 3

Safety Brief

DISCUSS:  SKILLS   MINDSET  TACTICS and how they apply to this class.


  • Firearm Safety
  • FOUR SAFETY RULES – they will be rigorously enforced
  1. Assume every gun is loaded – be 100% of the status of your firearm.
  2. Never Point the Muzzle at anything you are unwilling to destroy.
  3. Finger off the trigger until you are on target and ready to fire – and then it comes off when done firing.
  4. Be sure of your target and what it behind it. Look around.


  • Malfunction Clearance Drills using a timer and targets and cover 
  • Speed Reloads using a timer and targets 
  • Shooting while maneuvering (fast) 
  • Reloading while maneuvering (fast) 
  • Shooting from both shoulders (both left and right)
  • Odd shooting positions (roll-over prone, broke-back mountain prone, etc.)
  • SUL and High Port and 360 Scan
  • Contact Shots – dry and live 
  • Over the Mountain and Back 


  • Human Physiology and how it relates to targeting (what are the best places to target on a human body?)
  • Working angles
  • The differences between Static and Dynamic Maneuvering
  • More OODA Loops
  • Color/Shape drills from the holster using a timer
  • Target Indicators
  • Speed vs Accuracy


  • STATIC and DYNAMIC Maneuvering
  • Maneuvering Corners (both with a light and without)
  • TEAM tactics and Communications


  • standing, squatting, kneeling, sitting, back, sitting, kneeling squatting, standing, squatting, kneeling, prone with reloads as necessary (FINGER, SAFETY, LOOK, MANEUVER, MUZZLE) 
  • Door to Door (running while maneuvering)
  • Blaze X (Pat McNamara)
  • Grid of Fire (Pat McNamara) 
  • Ladder Drills 
  • LeapFrog Static – inline – COMMUNICATE 
  • LeapFrog Static – inline with reloads – COMMUNICATE 
  • Leap Frog with barrels – up and back – COMMUNICATE 
  • Leap Frog with barrels in two man teams – STATIC – COMMUNICATE 
  • Leap Frog with barrels in two man teams – DYNAMIC – COMMUNICATE 
  • Man-Down retrieval – STATIC Man-Down retrieval – DYNAMIC 


  • same as HG2
  • Handheld Flashlight
  • Handgun mounted flashlight (if you have one)
  • Electronic Hearing Protection (I use these. They are thin so they won’t interfere with rifle shooting, they work well and they are not terribly expensive
  • 4 rifle mags and a method to carry them
  • Sling (I have some to lend out if you don’t have one)
  • 500 rounds of ammo